About UniQare Quality Slings

Uniqare Quality Slings develops and produces an extensive range of slings for the healthcare sector.  As a sister company of United Care, Uniqare Quality Slings naturally also offers high-quality products that comply with the CE guidelines. Founded in 2016, Uniqare is a young and dynamic company with experienced, motivated and engaged employees.

From design and the selection of materials to the clip, everything is determined in-house. Thanks to extensive experience of our employees, our slings are developed with attention to safety and maximum comfort for the client, and ease of use for the caregiver. As an innovative company, we are always searching for new developments in fabrics and other materials for the production of our slings.

Uniqare produces slings for the Dutch market and even for the global market. There are also options  for third parties to produce their own line of slings under a private label. Should you be interested in this, feel free to get in touch with us. We will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Uniqare Quality Slings consciously goes for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We assume in this way responsibility for the effects of our business activities on people and the environment. Our products are made with respect for the environment. The waste from the production process is separated for recycling and old slings can also be returned to us. We ensure that these will be recycled.

Within our means, we contribute to a healthy balance between People, Planet and Profit. But we do more…  We offer the possibility of employment for employees with an above-average distance from the job market. This is good for employment in the province and especially for people who have difficulties finding work.

CSR is for us a process, not a destination. The goals for which we strive, change with time and with every corporate decision. Uniqare Quality Slings is always on the lookout for feasible steps in order to shape our social responsibility and to make our contribution to a sustainable world.

Uniqare Quality Slings, a young, dynamic company with years-long experience in the healthcare market!

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